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Being charged with a crime is a special sort of emergency that calls for a skilled criminal defense attorney with the loyalty to remain by your side, the ability to navigate the complex jumble of rules and red tape that make up our legal system, and the experience and tenacity to fight and earn you the best outcome possible.

At the Klebanoff Law Firm, I have spent many years honing the highest level of professionalism by providing aggressive compassionate, yet affordable, representation to those facing all types of criminal charges. I am fiercely dedicated to improving my clients' situations through diligent application of the law as well as personal attention that recognizes each client as a unique person with an extremely important problem in need of my specialized training and skill.

Criminal Defense

My practice is devoted primarily to criminal defense. I represent people from all walks of life charged with every type of criminal offense imaginable, including drug crimes, robbery, burglary, theft, violent crimes, homicide, sex offenses, DWI, as well as all felonies and misdemeanors. I have been extremely successful in beating or reducing criminal charges for literally thousands of clients. Those seeking more information about my criminal defense practice are referred to the section describing my overall philosophy and winning approach to fighting criminal charges here Why Klebanoff Law Firm? as well as a general list of commonly asked questions and answers here Common Questions

Family Law

Though I am first and foremost a criminal defense attorney, I am also experienced in family law. Though starting and raising a family is in itself extremely challenging, it is not normally an endeavor that requires the services of a lawyer. Unfortunately families sometimes encounter rocky terrain that the best efforts of loved ones, parents, friends, pastors, and even extended support networks cannot resolve on their own. Here the services of an experienced attorney is sometimes necessary. If you are facing such thorny matters as divorce, division of marital property, child support, child custody, alimony, spousal support, establishing paternity, adopting children, guardianships, etc. I may be able to bring my experience and expertise to your assistance. If you find yourself in a family situation where you see nowhere else to turn, give me a call. The call and initial consultation are completely free. You will be treated with respect and compassion and I may be able to completely resolve your problem. At worst you will have lost nothing.

Free initial consultation

Unlike many lawyers I do not charge for initial consultations. My policy is that anyone who arranges an appointment can talk with me for up to an hour without charge. I understand this is a hard time in your life--otherwise you would not be seeking me out--and you will be treated with compassion and respect. After that, we can either walk our separate ways or set up a payment plan that works to out mutual benefit.

Aggressive yet compassionate representation

People typically come to me because they are facing daunting obstacles. Your choice of attorney could be one of the most important decisions of your entire life. My practice is based on competence and professionalism acquired from long experience, hard work, and sincere compassion for everyone I represent. A criminal record has the potential to adversely affect your future, your career, and your freedom. I have been extremely successful in beating or minimizing criminal charges for those I represent and I will meet with anyone free of charge. I cannot understand why anyone facing charges would not want to take advantage of this opportunity and at least discuss their situation with me.

No matter how big your case may be I possess the professional contacts, courtroom ability, trial skills, and experience to obtain you the best possible outcome. Feel free to give me a call or use my contact page. Your message will be returned as soon as possible.

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