Klebanoff Law


Being entrusted with the freedom, future, and lives of my clients I hold myself to the highest standard of professionalism and have been extremely successful in getting dismissals and reductions in all types of criminal cases. I study the law constantly and possess an encyclopedic knowledge of it, am respected by my peers and adversaries alike, and pride myself in trying cases often, never backing down from a fight and exploiting any weakness in the prosecution's case to my clients' advantage.


A frightening fact is that the great majority of so-called criminal defense attorneys rarely--often never--take cases to trial. Trials are difficult and can be intimidating. Preparing for trial is both stressful and time consuming. As a result, many lawyers simply collect their fees, talk their clients into pleading guilty, thereby freeing up more time to talk new clients into paying more fees. They then pocket their fees, go home and tell no tales. Their clients--many of whom have winnable cases--end up railroaded into prison and stuck with criminal records dogging them for the rest of their lives.

The reason these lawyers seldom get good outcomes is that they have reputations for always accepting plea bargains. A prosecutor will virtually never drop criminal charges out of compassion. Prosecutors don't succeed through pity and often aren't much concerned with justice either; rather they make names for themselves and get advanced through the ranks by getting supposedly guilty criminals off the street and locked up in prison--a tragic fact is that many of these so-called criminals are only guilty of having the wrong lawyer.

A defense attorney who always or almost always pleads his clients guilty has zero credibility with the prosecutor's office. A prosecutor will see no reason to dismiss or reduce the charges against clients represented by such a defense attorney, and why should he? After all, the prosecutor knows the defense attorney won't fight.


On the other hand, a criminal defense attorney who regularly takes cases to trial and fights both hard and effectively is in a completely different league. Trials are not stressful and challenging only for the defense, they are extremely expensive and demanding for the prosecution as well. In our criminal justice system, a person charged with a crime doesn't have to prove anything. He doesn't have to prove his innocence, because he is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt--which is the highest burden of proof recognized by law.

By demanding a trial a defense attorney puts the entire burden of proof on the prosecutor. This is a very heavy burden to meet and prosecutors often fear it--especially if they know they are facing a competent defense attorney with a reputation for taking cases to trial and winning. A prosecutor who loses many cases may soon lose his job as well. In addition, even if a prosecutor wins in court, he will have expended valuable resources that could have been spent elsewhere. Because I try cases often, fight hard and effectively, a great number of my clients see their charges vanish like mist.

In short, if you want the best possible defense, look no further.

One word of warning: Not all criminal cases are winnable for the defense. So you should be extremely suspicious of any lawyer who claims he can promise you a positive outcome in exchange for a hefty fee. There is very little certainty in the legal profession and there can be no guarantees. All I--or any other ethical lawyer--can promise is to fight with the utmost tenacity for anyone who retains my services and I have been extremely successful in beating criminal charges. Nonetheless, neither I nor anyone else can truthfully give a client a guarantee.


After a stint in the United States Army and teaching college for a few years, I switched careers. I obtained my law degree from the Robert A. Leflar Law Center at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and passed the bar exam on my first attempt. Ever since I have been fighting tenaciously for the rights of those facing criminal charges. I am passionately devoted to upholding the law and the Constitution of the United States and expertly represent all who retain me.

In addition, I am not an attorney who will nickel and dime you to death with hidden fees. All fees and billing arrangements are explained up front in clear straightforward language. Payment plans are available, and the the originally quoted fee will be exceeded only if unforeseen circumstances arise or if a given representation ends up taking significantly more time and work than originally anticipated. I strive to make my services affordable, because I am strongly committed to making them available to as many people as possible.

I understand how stressful and difficult legal troubles can be. Taking special time to become acquainted with each individual client as a person, as well as lending a compassionate ear and friendly persona to everyone who enters my office, are important aspects of being a top notch criminal defense attorney. Each client is treated as an individual human being with a unique set of problems. No one is ever talked down to; rather they are regarded as equals who are in need of my special set of experience, skills, and training.

I am also extremely honest about sending perspective clients home without charging them a dime if I do not believe they will benefit from my services.

So if you are facing criminal charges, please give me a call and set up a free consultation.

Unlike many other lawyers, I do not charge for initial consultations. My policy is that anyone who arranges an appointment can talk to me for up to an hour or so without charge. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, do yourself a favor and drop me a line. The initial consultation will cost you nothing and it could, quite literally, make all the difference.